7 Stories: Family Travel Inspiration to Make You Take that Life-Changing Trip

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The words “family holiday” for some might instantly conjure images of boring beach getaways, the all-inclusive package holiday with beige buffet food and annoying kids club entertainers. For some wishing to relax this may seem like paradise .. for more adventurous travelers this couldn’t be further from idyllic.

With increasing numbers of families taking Nomadic Sabbaticals, the options of family travel destinations are becoming limitless. But how do you turn your family vacation into a true adventure? There is no easy answer to that question apart from learning to take it in your stride and enjoy the moment – that’s what travel is all about, isn’t it? These traveling families can serve as a source of inspiration for you:



The @Globetotting family includes the travel mad mum Katya, her husband and their three excitable children. Katya is used to being nomadic, travelling and moving a lot through her younger life – fuelling her passion for this to continue for herself and her own children.

They experienced living in Belgium, France, and the United States, as well as India before recently settling down in London. This family is truly nomadic with each of their three children Alfie, Tess and Sam being born in different countries around the world (Australia, India, and Mexico).

With half the globe already visited, Globetotting keeps us up to date with their travels to The Americas, Indonesia, and Asia as well as more local jaunts across Europe and their current residence of the UK.

Katya firmly believes that travel should be inclusive of all the Family, with no boundaries or restrictions, and that you should take your children anywhere and everywhere.

Our Favourite Thing Lifelong Passion for Travel for EVERYONE
Web https://globetotting.com/about/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/globetotting/


Full Suitcase Family


Full Suitcase Family is the story of a Belgium based family of five: mum Jurga, her husband and three young boys. Travelling has always been part of life for this family, even before their children were born. Jurga and her husband began traveling over 15 years ago and haven’t looked back even after having children.

With regular trips across all the continents, this active travel family spends little time relaxing by the pool, with itineraries of climbing, museums, sports as well as educational trips all on the agenda.

Our Favourites Honesty about the luggage situation whilst Travelling
Web https://fullsuitcase.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fullsuitcase/


The Kid Bucket List


The Kid bucket list is the creation of Family of Four: Leah, T, Striker, and Sunshine. An Australian family with a passion to travel the world, they are also fond of exploring their home country of Australia. However, their travels aren’t the boring humdrum things you may associate with traveling with family. The notion began when Leah realized that all the activities she enjoyed as a child were unlikely to be attainable to her children, due to the constraints of modern day living and schedules. This led to the beginning of their family adventures together.

They believe that the Kid Bucket List helps families to imagine what they want to do with their children and find a path to doing it. Needless to say, their children have experienced more than many adults did! From such exotic activities as holding a crocodile, to more traditional campfires and marshmallows, nothing seems to be missing from this intrepid families list.

With trips across the whole of Australia, as well as Japan, Macedonia, and the United States, this family shows us all how to get the best out of life traveling with children.

Our Favourite Thing Letting the children experience so much through travel
Web https://kidbucketlist.com.au/the-bucket-list/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thekidbucketlist/


The Blonde Nomads


The Blonde Nomads Rob, Tracy, Marli, and Ziggy are another adventurous Australian family of four traveling the country. After deciding to sell up their family home and buying a Caravan (or known as an RV in Australia),  this family embarked on a travel discovery of a lifetime.

With two young children and a whole heap load of possessions being dragged along for the ride, this family visits numerous of beautiful destinations and provides hands-on education for their two children…all this with the ability to unplug from modern technology and really get back to nature (and the boring 9-5).

With exciting experiences of roughing it in remote (and we truly mean remote locations), as well as stays in luxury hotels and ocean stops, this family experiences life to the fullest. Even in their small, yet chic and surprisingly spacious 22ft Caravan.

Our Favourite Thing Showing us caravan living can be luxury as well as budget
Web https://www.theblondenomads.com.au/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theblondenomads/


Mumpack Travel


Evie and daughter are the travelling duos that makeup MumPack Travel. They have been traveling the world and finding new expeditions for the last two years with no plans of slowing down (well, only to earn extra money for more traveling)

With the loss of a close friend (and the wise words from her she received), Evie realized that life is truly worth living, and whilst Emmie was still small, she took the decision to pack up and travel. So, quitting her job and pulling her daughter from kindergarten seemed the only option (yet a hard one, of course)

So, after deciding to forgo that kitchen and bathroom restoration and put the money towards a non-stop travel adventure, the inseparable pair jetted off for Asia. During their, 17-month travels, they visited Asia, Indonesia, and Bali, Cambodia, America, and Japan, with a stop home to earn a few more pennies to fund their ongoing journey.

Whilst to some selling up and leaving everything you know may seem like an impossible task, Mumpack Travel shows us that although scary, it is doable for that exciting life that your children and family will never forget.

Our Favourite Bits Proving that long term travel is possible
Web https://www.mumpacktravel.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mumpacktravel/


Mummy Travels


Cathy and her daughter Minnie are the faces behind the brand Mummy Travels. Cathy is a self-confessed #travelaholic, visiting over 60 countries with 130 left on the bucket list. Her pregnancy and the arrival of a daughter did not slow her pace, and now she just brings Minnie along for the journey.

This once-in-a-lifetime lifestyle has led the family to experience trips to India, America, varying countries across Europe, as well as a cruise in the Carribean and long haul trips to South East Asia.

During her offbeat travels with her daughter, Cathy maintains a full writing schedule and her articles get published in such media, as the Independent, National Geographic Traveller, Metro, Family Traveller, and The Sunday Times Travel magazine. In addition, she has her own blog where she shares her and Mannie’s adventures.

Follow Mummy Travels here:

Our Favourite Bits Honesty and frequency of travels and blogs
Web https://www.mummytravels.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mummytravels/


Amanda Moritz


Amanda Moritz is an up and coming family, travel and fashion blogger famously known on Instagram. With exciting tales and experiences of travelling with children – Olivia and Luca – she lifts family traveling to a whole different level.

With two very young children (both under three), the bright and breezy couple Amanda and Victor stay positive even through the struggles of traveling. For example, in their most recent trip to Thailand where the family was struck with a gastro bug leaving in a need for medical attention. With less glamorous photos of the inside of hospitals and messy hotel rooms, we are truly given an insight into the realities of family travel- sometimes not written about in the media.

Yes, sometimes it cat get tough, but it does provide lasting memories, this is certain.

Our Favourite Bits Glamorous Outfits, Beautiful Photos
Web https://nouw.com/amandamoritz
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/amoritz/


If you still don’t feel inspired to up sticks and leave your current life, don’t be alarmed – a recent study from the Family Travel association reminds us that we all fall into one of three categories: Hassle-free travelers, Cautious travelers, and Intrepid Travellers. So, why not branch out during 2019, push the boundaries of family travel and…maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself in that intrepid category?

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