10 of the best beauty products and brands to buy in Thailand in 2019

best beauty products to buy in thailand

If you hadn’t already heard (or seen ) Thailand is fast becoming a regular feature on many beauty blogs and lists. It is of little surprise with is quality, low-cost makeup, and skincare that some of the prettiest girls and best beauty products can be found in Thailand. We have searched far and wide for our top 10 beauty products and brands to buy in Thailand during 2019.

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Srichand Powder


Let’s start with a classic. Srichand powder was created in Thailand in 1948 and is potentially the most well known Thai beauty product on the market. Originally used for makeup setting, the translucent powder makes it suitable for all skin types and for using to control shine especially in the Thai climate.

Srichand had a total overhaul in 2014, since then a more diverse product line has been released with award-winning success. So whether its traditional or innovative makeup that appeals to you, Srichand is one to try in 2019.

Best For: Suitable for beauty lovers young and old, Especially useful in Thai Humidity
Cost In Thailand: 159 Baht   Online:£9.99
Where to buy In Thailand stocked in most 7/11

online : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Srichand-SRICHAND-TRANSLUCENT-POWDER-4-5G/dp/B01D2CTOKY

Mistine Cosmetics


Mistine is arguably the most in-demand beauty brand for 2019. The Mistine range is a direct selling cosmetics company: this means that as well as being able to purchase in stores such as Bootsl you can also buy directly from a website or an independent seller.

The brand carries a whole range of products suitable for a makeup addict at budget-friendly prices. We particularly recommend the Super Black matte Liner, as the extra thin brush offers precise lines without making the mess of normal liners. Mistine Super black is also extremely waterproof making it perfect for any cloudburst you may encounter during monsoon season.

In addition, Mistine offers fibre – based mascaras, luscious lip tubes in vast varieties of colours, pigments and smells as well as the brow pencils fixing powders and foundations making it an innovative new beauty brand to explore during 2019.


Best For: Beauty Lovers, Budget Beauty
Cost Varied dependant upon product
Where to buy Online at Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=mistine&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Amistine&ajr=0

Or in local Boots and beauty shops in Thailand


Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder


Thailand is not onlu famous for its exciting nightlife entertainment and its thriving cabaret scene, but also for its sweltering humidity. Some visitors adapt during their stay and some do not. For those left feeling a little prickly and irritated, the Snake Brand Cooling powder is the beauty product to buy once in Thailand. Not simply for women or young children, Snake brand has been providing relief for 70 years and can be used not only in humidity, but for exercising and generally remaining cool in uncomfortable environments.  

Since being developed over 70 years ago the brand has diversified: cool pink, lavender, and other product lines can now be purchased from this brand.


Best For: Anyone suffering with Prickly Heat , Those exercising
Cost Thailand : as little as 58 Thai Baht Online:£6.49 on amazon
Where to buy Any local convenience store or Pharmacy in Thailand are likely to stock a variety of the powders.

online : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Prickly-Heat-Powder-Snake-Brand/dp/B0188F24NO/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1544085908&sr=8-3&keywords=snake+brand+prickly+heat+powder


Thann Beauty Brand


With over 70 stores and a multitude of Spas across the world, THANN could potentially be the most luxurious Thai beauty brand on the market. Using only the finest natural ingredients and extracts combined with cutting-edge techniques, THANN beauty offers a vast line-up of exciting new products. THANN claims to owe their success to a simple but effective three main ingredients rice bran oil, ReGeniStem rice extract and nano shiso. These three ingredients are prominent features in the THANN bestsellers and by adding fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they will make your skin feel renewed and revitalised .

The THANN range extensive with items ranging from hair care to facial products, bathing as well as the traditional aromatherapy. Whilst THANN is at the top end of most budgets, the amount of product required is small, converting it into a long-term investment in a single pot.


Best For: Everyone , THANN offer such a wide range of products there is something suitable for everyone
Cost More expensive than most brands but a little goes a long way
Where to buy Visit the online shop when in Thailand https://www.thann.co.th/

Snail White Whipp Soap 


We know what you are thinking – snail soap can’t really be from snails can it? Well, the snail slime may not be the most appealing addition to your beauty regime – but aren’t we all searching for that magical wrinkle cure?

Snail slime is hardly a new product and has been recognised for its anti ageing properties for centuries. New methods of extraction and refining means that we can enjoy hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans in a variety of soaps , creams and serums . Snail creams and soaps are not only popular in Thailand , but Korea , Japan and the Philippines .

Even though there are many Snail extract products on the market, Snail White Whipp  Soap seemes to be the popular choice with beauty bloggers. The pure white  soap offers relief from acne, and promises whiter lighter brighter skin. We recommend giving snail slime a go-to slow ageing to a snail’s pace.


Best For: Curing those wrinkles – or so we are told
Cost 80 Thai Baht
Where to buy Snail Soap is sold in most shops including local 7/11s

Online https://www.amazon.com/Snail-Soap-PurWhite-50-G/dp/B00GUHZHPA


Sachajuan’s Intensive Repair Hair Shampoo


Sachajuan are up and coming  in the Thai hair-care market with their popularity becoming worldwide. But what makes them special? Some Thai shampoo’s can be very strong and mixed with an alarming amount of chemicals. Sanjuan pride themselves on their “Ocean Silk Technology”. By carefully selecting ingredients including two types of cold water algae Rhodophycea and Chondrus crispus they believe they offer the best protection for your hair.

The algae are carefully harvested in the ocean and form the basis of all Sachajuan’s hair products. These two specialised form of algae are used for strengthening, balancing minerals as well as nourishing the scalp. Shampoos are tailored to fit the individual’s own hair system and with an abundance of choices, there is surely one fit for you. Nonetheless, if we had to pick one we favour the Intensive Repair shampoo to revive dull hair and protect from the damaging UV rays. Perfect for after a hard day sundbathing .


Best For: Very Dry sun damaged hair in need of moisture
Cost £20 Online from amazon however very little is needed to repair dry hair
Where to buy Online: https://www.sachajuan.com/en/


Siam Botanicals


Siam botanicals began in the Original Siam organic spa in Phuket , Thailand. When the company searched for organic and natural products within the Thai market they soon realised they were few and far between – this is when Siam products were born.

Siam products are now available internationally and the brand prides itself on offering the highest quality products whilst reducing packaging so the impact on our fragile planet is reduced. Siam botanicals offer 100% natural facial, skincare and aromatherapy products meaning they are free from synthetic colours, and fragrances making them suitable for a wide variety of clientele.


Best For: Combination Skin
Cost £29.50
Where to buy https://www.siambotanicals.co.uk/shop/natural-balance-face-serum/


Siam Botanical Lemongrass and Tea Tree Shave Oil


One strictly for the men , the 100% natural shave oil offers a blend of seven vitamin rich products to help offer protection hydration as well as provide the smoothest shave possible. The most exciting ingredient is the Lemongrass and Tea-tree, which offer antiseptic and antibacterial properties reducing lumps and bumps after the shave. We are also impressed that the oil isn’t solely just for shaving and can be used as an everyday face moisturiser and beard oil – a perfect 3 in 1 product from one of the best beauty brands in Thailand .


Best For: Moisturising , Shaving
Cost £22 online prices vary when in Thailand
Where to buy https://www.siambotanicals.co.uk/shop/lemongrass-and-tea-tree-shave-oil/


Oriental Princess


To begin with, Oriental Princess has been ranked #1 in the Beauty market in Thailand. With its integration of natural products alongside research and product innovation, Oriental Princess is a best beauty brand find. Oriental Princess was originally established in 1990, at its first speciality store in Thailand, and now it accounts with vast numbers of branches across Thailand, while online shopping covers the majority of world’s countries. Oriental princess offers their customers products to enhance their outer beauty as they believe  “True beauty must come from within.”

They offer a vast array of products to suit every skin type and regimen, as well as natural sunscreens for those who love the outdoors and a specialised men’s care range. With beautiful bold lip colours , sumptuous eyeshadows and lightweight foundations, it really is impossible to pick our favourite .


Best For: Facial skincare and quality makeup
Cost Equivalent to European makeup and skincare  prices
Where to buy In store if travelling in Thailand

online:  https://www.orientalprincess.com/

Phutawan 100% Natural Thai Gold Silk Magic Cocoon Honey Facial


The special yellow silk cocoon native to Thailand  offers a protein rich beauty regime to fit anyone’s busy lifestyle. The protein Serecin provides a variety of properties, including its ability to keep moisture in the skin. Moreover, it creates a protective layer, which is helpful to the skin in the humid sunny climate of Thailand. The unusual silk cocoons offer three uses per cocoon and claim to remove impurities, reduce wrinkles, balance skin and well as to smooth and brighten it. These unusual cocoons are super simple to use: simply wash your face, put one onto each finger and rub around your face, wash off and you are done.


Best For: Improving the visibility of dull lifeless skin
Cost 135 Thai Baht
Where to buy Local Boutiques and some larger 7/11


Just before we go ..


Our favourite Beauty tool for 2019: The Jade Roller

Whilst not strictly only from Thailand, jade rollers are traditionally  used by many massage therapists and more recently by Beauty bloggers to aid and enhance the anti wrinkle effects of facials. They increase circulation and blood flow to the face, aiding the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also claimed that a Jade roller can reduce inflammation and puffiness due to a slow lymphatic system.ç

Simply roll over your face in a singular (not back and forward ) upward motion to redistribute the lymphatic fluid and aid drainage. Repeat three or four times for maximum effect twice a day.

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