10 Photos From Bali That Will Make You Pack Your Stuff and Travel

Everyone knows that Bali is something every traveler should try at least once in a lifetime, as the Island Of Gods is truly unique and amazingly gorgeous from every angle. Majestic cliffs, ancient temples, sleeping (and quite active) volcanoes, spectacular waterfalls, cozy natural pools, luxurious pools of all shapes and endless beaches of all colors…it’s better to see it than to hear a thousand times.

So, here’s the list of 10 reasons why we love Bali – in pictures that will surely make your pack your luggage and buy plane tickets.

Bali waterfalls that are everywhere

Photo by Oliver Sjöström

Bali temples hidden in the jungles

Photo by Bernard Hermant

Nusa Penida is a reason itself, isn’t it?

Photo by Alfons Taekema


Bali volcanoes (please, don’t wake up)

Photo by Aron

Instagram-worthy Bali spots that are magnets for influencers

Photo by Oliver Sjöström


And more of Bali waterfalls (of course it’s never enough of them)

Bali photos that will make you pack your stuff
Photo by Oliver Sjöström

Bali beaches & filming them with a drone

Photo by Oliver Sjöström

Bali holiday villas (yes, you can get obsessed)

Marta Sierra at Villa Meimei by Eats & Retreats

Bali bowls. Here’s when it’s really healthy and tasty

Photo by Alex Block

We save the best for last – Bali Monkeys!

Photo by Eirik Skarstein
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